Debt Debate Like Mating Elephants

August/02/2011 16:39PM
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There is an analogy attached to actions like the big debt debate. It’s like watching elephants mate. There is a lot of noise, a lot of dust, much grunting and groaning, but nothing happens for two years.

That’s the sum and substance of the circus we have been watching for the past month. We can only hope Pelosi gets the shovel detail to clean up from the elephants.

The ceiling goes up more than the supposed cuts will bring the debt down. Now we have a Super Congress of 12 to replace the Gang of Six. All pretty juvenile, isn’t it? Of course, the Gang of Six replaced two Blue Ribbon Debt Commissions. Their recommendations were pretty much ignored, first by the president, then by the Congress.

Now, the race is on to pass some bill that no one has read again.

Will there be a baby elephant in that big pile of elephant dung Pelosi won’t touch with her shovel? Will the rating agencies still downgrade the US credit rating? Probably so. They said they needed $4 trillion in real cuts to be done faster than this bill will do. In two years when that baby elephant finally arrives, what will he see?

More than likely a debt level of $16 plus trillion. A voting public ready to replace every candidate on the ticket in 2012. Blame being placed everywhere, especially by a president who won’t be reelected. By a Speaker of the House who lost to a Tea Party Republican in the primary, and 23 Democratic senators with little chance for reelection. Maybe only those Tea Party extremists, who pushed to get what little was gotten, will be left standing.

They all had a chance. A chance to do big things to help the economy and help the country. But, neither party could step up to the plate.

All that precious air time you louts got while preening and posturing and trying to cut back room deals will be remembered by an angry voting public.

Guess that’s what you get when you try to mate an elephant with a donkey. One gets totally flattened and the other leaves unfulfilled.

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