A Small Businessman Speaks to the President and Congress

August/01/2011 16:07PM
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You wonder what’s going on with jobs in this country? Just listen to this small businessman and you may have a better perspective from the small businessmans’ perspective.


He’s right about  the clowns. Anyone but me tired of Obama coming on TV every day and blaming everyone in America for his debt problem?

Anyone tired of a man making a mockery of America around the world? China is laughing at us. Remember, how excited the world was about Obama when he was elected. Now, the world laughs while we cry.

Respect has to be earned. Respect earned can be lost if the person with the respect does not live up to that respect. Obama is coming to Chicago next week for his birthday bash and fund raiser. He has not worked the phones with the people in congress who might help find a compromise. He’s worried about gasoline mileage ten years down the road. But, he can find time to lecture, place blame, and absolve himself from any responsibility for this mess. 

Sinking like a rock in the polls, he’s clueless.

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