President Spendthrift Blows a Gasket

July/23/2011 16:16PM
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Not able to control his contrived anger, President Obama attacked Republicans for their failure to kiss his feet over the debt ceiling. Wow, has this guy got chutzpah.

He turned a $10 trillion debt into $14 trillion in less than three years. He asked for a budget that would give him another $3 trillion without any cuts. He just ignored the work of his debt commmisssion. He submitted a budget with no cuts. The Senate voted 97-0 against that budget. He is to the country what Imelda Marcos was to shoes. He just can’t spend enough. Nonplussed he proposed a clean debt ceiling increase that would give him a blank check. ( just 3 months ago)

He has made speeches about the debt ceiling, but never once submitted his plan. He just got involved a month ago. He was too busy campaigning.

In the interim, Republicans passed a budget through the House. Approved the Paul Ryan plan, and just passed cut, cap, and balance.

Speaker Boehner says he reneged on an agreement. Does that really surprise anyone? He is the Senator who voted against the Bush debt ceiling raise and said raising the debt ceiling was a failure of leadership.

He now says he will only agree to a plan that runs through 2013. Isn’t that just past the next election? And, a big deal with big cuts. Like taking credit for the winding down of two wars in those cuts. Am I missing something or is that really baked into the future and not really a cut?

And, he’s going after those blasted corporate aircraft again. Mr. President, when you repay the taxpayers when you use Air Force One for your romantic nights with Michele and your numerous campaign trips or Michele’s vacation in Africa, I will accept that idea. And those billionaires and millionaires who are really Americans making over $200K a year. Those who might create a job or two. And, if we don’t raise the ceiling social security checks won’t go out.( a lie) Don’t forget the oil companies that are trying to keep us from having $5 gasoline next year as some have predicted. They must pay more and put it on the pump for you to pay.

How are those tax increases working out for California, Illinois, Greece, and other places that have used that plan?

I don’t trust you. You make statements like 80% of Americans want tax increase when no one can find that poll. I can empathize with Boehner and the Republicans who have been trying to negotiate with you for the past month. Seems like you are the kind of fellow whose word and handshake mean nothing.

Anyone who can get so worked up with those who are trying to fix your problems and keep you from making more mistakes can’t be a person of trust. Barack, you are looking like a stumblebum.

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