July/12/2011 16:28PM
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After a lot of deliberation, my wife and I decided to install a natural gas powered back-up generator. We spend time away and don’t want to risk a power outage. Yesterday was the delivery day for the new generator. While the installer and I were checking which ten circuits we wanted on the back-up, a storm blew through. Lightning hit the next door neighbor’s tree and it fell over my fence into our perennial garden.

You can’t install a back-up generator without power. So, I was about four hours late in getting mine. In addition to lost power, we lost telephone, cable, and internet. I got a gasoline powered generator hooked up and keep the refrigerator running, Plus, they said they could install the natural gas generator if I had a gasoline generator.

Just as we started to test the new back up at 1PM today, the power came back on. So, no blog yesterday, sorry.

But, there are some lessons. My day was like dealing with any form of government today. The new back up couldn’t help me when I needed it, and, when it could help me, I didn’t need it any more.

And, there’s the matter of deciding what priorities you have when you can’t power your entire house. After you get your sump pump, ejector pump, and refrigerator hooked up you have 7 circuits left. It will power a furnace, but not an air conditioner, so there’s 6 circuits left. Since my house phone works off the computer modem, there’s 5 left.

Try it in your own house. And, keep in mind this is the future Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA and Barack Obama, head hack for the entire country have in mind for your future. Sacrifice for their misguided ideas about energy redistribution.

I feel I have worked hard and saved well and intend to have all my circuits operational in my house. The fools who are trying to run our country are not hitting on all their circuits, but I believe the electorate is about to blow all their fuses and send them to the back of the growing unemployment lines they are creating.

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