Overused Phrases

July/27/2011 16:12PM
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There are phrases I hear so often I’m sick and tired of their overuse.

One, where is Casey Anthony? Who cares where she is? She was tried and found innocent and some people just can’t deal with that. While I may not agree with the verdict, it’s over. And, I never need to hear about Casey Anthony again. It would be nice if the media would get over it and go on to other matters to spin us about.

How about kicking the can down the road? Heard that enough lately? It’s code for destroying the future for our kids and grand kids. The debt ceiling issue has put the phrase on the front burner. Obama wants to kick it past the next election so he doesn’t have to defend another round of debates during the campaign. Of course, in his case the campaign is eternal, it’s all he does. The Republicans want to put in place measures so we never have to hear the phrase again. They seem to think government has grown too big and needs to be downsized. Households have been downsized, cities downsized, counties downsized, states downsized, businesses-large and small, downsized, but many in the Federal government don’t see downsizing government as a good idea. They want to make it bigger. That will certainly work well for kicking the can down the road, since the road will be much shorter and require less kicking.

How about millionaires, billionaires, and corporate jets? No Democrat can discuss the debt ceiling without uttering these terms. None of these can solve the problem, but it seems Democrats feel none of us are smart enough to realize that. If we took all of their money, we would be hitting that new debt ceiling in no time. It would just be used to make government bigger and nothing would get better.

Negotiating with so and so is like dealing with Jello. It is constantly moving and if it sits for a while it turns to liquid form. Again, this seems to be hung on the debt ceiling debate. There might be some truth to this. Very few politicians don’t remind me of Jello. We have elected far too many bowls of Jello. They can be molded in any form. They never get really solid, they shake around when bumped, and when the heat is on, they disappear.

We can’t negotiate with ourselves. Heard that a few times lately? I guess if you can’t get what you want you are negotiating with yourself. Seems Obama can’t negotiate since he can’t take and hold a position on anything. Except get me past the election. I don’t care what you do, get me past the election. Unless, Harry and Nancy tell me I can’t do what I agreed to do, then it’s all bets off. Go negotiate with yourself.

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