Is Climate Change a Given?

July/06/2011 16:42PM
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Here’s Chris Mathews on Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck and their positions on global warming.

Let’s look at the realative evils of pro and con on climate change.

First, the pro. If it is mandatory to accept climate change, where is the the proof? It’s consensus science. And, the scientists who present the case have been found to be less than forthcoming. Climategate showed they were creating facts and ignoring facts to the contrary. Many, if not most, like Al Gore, were profiting from the endorsement of climate change. Profitiing in the form of grants, speaking fees, and books. With a profit factor, can one be totally fair? 

Are they evil? Climate change has already cost the world billions if not trillions of dollars. The trading of carbon credits was going to be a huge windfall. But, it broke down in Europe after billions of euros had been made and lost and the exchange here went bust before it really got up and running. Billions in tax dollar subsidies are going to firms like GE to foster green energy. Energy costs will skyrocket if we continue down this road. Spain went way down the road to find that over 2 jobs were lost in the private sector for every green job created.  Obama held Spain up as the ideal for pursuing this strategy. Notice, he doesn’t say much about that these days?

If climate change is a bad idea, how many lives have been hurt already and how many more will be damaged in the future? Jobs lost, tax dollars we don’t have squandered, businesses closed, and money spent on things that brought no gain vs. money spend for gain. It could be one of the most evil acts ever perpetrated on a society.

If climate change is reality how much damage is done by going slow vs. going fast. For the billions we spend, the evil being done by China and India, who don’t buy the idea, will more than offset with carbon emissions.

Why is someone who takes an opposite position from a talking head with the IQ of a rock to be branded evil?

One of the reasons many people are skeptical about climate change is the way it elevates the role of government in our lives and mirrors socialism. It’s for the good of the world and the masses, just like redistribution of income. Basically, it’s socialism without the label. To sell socialism under the guise of saving the planet is pretty evil stuff.

See, some of us are old enough to remember when global freezing was the work of consesnus science in  the 70″s and how bogus scientists benefitted from selling that bit of snake oil. The scare tactics were the same and the real scientific eveidence was just a sketchy.  Any time the United Nations is involved in anything, I become very suspicious. There favorite pastime is to grab American dollars and spread them around the world, after taking a rake themselves.

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