Epitome of Washington Ignorance and Arrogance

July/17/2011 16:59PM
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Want yet another example of what little respect our President and Congress have for our tax dollars? When you listen to the big struggles about downsizing the federal government, keep this in mind.

Bush put together the 2007 energy bill. It was indicative of his lack of courage. But, in fairness, if he mentioned anything that involved hydrocarbons, the Democrats and the press pointed out that he was an ex oilman and Cheney worked for Haliburton. Hence, they are playing to the oil industry. We aren’t smart enough to think for ourselves, so we just listened and didn’t challenge. In his nothing of an energy bill there was a lot about ethanol, which shows you that Bush was never really and oil man and that he was just pandering to environmentalists.

Mandates for ethanol were big in that bill. But, Bush was big on cellulosic ethanol. It was to be made from switchgrass, wood, or whatever some flim flam artist was selling to Washington and being covered extensively on the major media news. That was 2007 and the EPA set the standard for six million gallons of this big solution to our energy dependence in year 2011, with that amount going up dramatically in subsequent years.

How many gallons have been produced to blend in 2011? Zero, that’s it zero. I tried to find how many millions of dollars the government has given to scammers who said they would produce this snake oil, but it’s a closely guarded secret. Rest assured, it’s lots of millions.

So, naturally, Obama, Lisa Jackson(EPA) and good old Dr. Chu are pulling this plan, right? After all, it was a Bush mess, so Obama can blame him for this.

No, of course, our government doesn’t acknowledge a bad idea and drop the mandate. Our government just says refiners must buy cellulosic credits. They must pay $1.13 a gallon for a product that can’t be produced. Of course, that money will be passed back in the pump price of gasoline and the revenue handed out to more failing scam artists who promise to make stuff that no one has made.

But, certainly the EPA will fix this for 2012. Of course they have, they are raising the mandate to some number between 3.55 million and 15.7 million gallons. Is this a tax on the middle class? Of course, the EPA gives billions in budgeted assistance to failed enterprises that never make viable energies, but we guess those billions aren’t enough. So, if the EPA keeps raising the quota for this junk, they collect from refiners and it’s off-book revenue. It can be used to raise Lisa Jackson’s expense account, her salary, or just squandered.

If you are one of the 15% of Americans who think Congress is doing a good job, please read this again one more time before you respond to another poll.

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