American Has Tipped

July/28/2011 16:24PM
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It may be too late for our great country.

Fifty percent of Americans pay no taxes. twenty percent of US males under 40 don’t work. Eighty million checks are mailed out by the US Treasury each month. And, 131,000,000 Americans voted in the 2008 election. You do the math.

Obama and the left now own the country. They control the media, they control the votes, they have enough voters dependent on the government to win the elections. 

Regardless of  the decisions on the debt ceiling, it is likely that our credit rating will be downgraded in the next few months.

We are hanging by a thread as a country. The American Dream has become” doing nothing and getting paid not to do it”. Too much is broken.

When I started this blog on January 20, 2008, I feared for my kids and grand kids. I had been saying for years that my grand kids would be the first generation in this country to have a poorer standard of living than their parents. Now, I have no doubts. Sure, this country has been through tough times before. The Civil War, the Great Depression, WW’s I and II, and other bad times. But, this may be the worst.

We  have outspent our future. We have mortgaged our greatness. We have tried to raise every one’s standard of living with government checks. Want to glimpse our future, don’t even look as far as Greece, just look at Detroit. Billions have been poured into Detroit to save the city. It didn’t work. Central Planning has never worked for any country. It isn’t working for ours. The Great Society was the start of it all. Now we have the Not-So-Great Society. 

We  have a government that works only for votes. Not for doing the right things. It has never been so evident as it is in this debt debate. 

We have a spending problem. We have a jobs problem. We have economic problems at every level in this country. Some are being solved, but not at the national level.

The next election is the last great hope and it looks bleak. The free enterprise system is under attack in Washington. And, it’s losing. It’s not called the free enterprise system, it’s called billionaires, millionaires, corporate jets, and evil corporations. Those who pay taxes and create jobs are greedy and need to give more to the government so we can have 50% of the males under 40 not working, so we can send out 160,000,000 government checks every month, and most importantly so we can assure Obama, Reid, Durbin, and Pelosi keep their jobs as long as they wish. 

If you care about any of this, you had better get active. The next election in 2012 is about saving the country. Plain and simple.

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