Allentown Metal Works

July/03/2011 16:33PM
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The setting was the Allentown Metal Works, a plant that closed on Jan. 15 after struggling for years. Mr. Obama had toured the plant in December 2009 as part of a swing through Pennsylvania’s Rust Belt to promote the gradual positive effect of the $787 billion stimulus bill he had pushed through Congress. He said at the time that the stimulus created or saved as many as 1.6 million jobs and had turned around the economy and gotten it slowly growing.

There stood George Romney, Republican candidate for president last week while Obama was in Pennsylvania raising money to get the four more years he needs to turn the whole country into that steel plant. A place where he can bloviate while class warfare wages and the economy goes deeper in the tank and we become Greece. What better symbolism can the country have than this closed steel plant.

Obama stood there in 2009 and used it for a studio prop to show how his stimulus bill was saving plants like this and all the jobs within. Remember when he used the cadets at the Cleveland police department as a prop? How his stimulus bill allowed them to be hired in these hard times? Well, that didn’t work out so well either. Upon graduation they were all fired since money had run out.

And the Cree Industries visit last month in North Carolina. A place we subsidize with millions of tax dollars. But, alas, most of their manufacturing is done in China where they have 5,000 employees. Is that where your tax dollars really go? To subsidize Chinese workers. Another stage prop for the actor posing as president can spin another yarn about his greatness.

Just this week, the Department of Energy handed out $4.5 billion in government backed loans to First Solar. It’s like a lottery. If you are in the preferred business, you win the dough. Too bad, Allentown Metal Works, you are on the bad list. You close and take your jobs with your. First Solar had the right to that money.

First Solar will ultimately go broke and you will be out those tax dollars. How do I know? If Obama and the Democrats stay in power they will run out of money and First Solar has no chance without their help. They need the loans to build the solar farms. They need the subsidies to make solar cheaper. They need the mandates to get the power companies to buy the power at twice the price. They need the homeowners to be forced to pay some of that by doubling their power bills.

And, if the Republicans win the presidency and the Senate, this crap will stop, and the day it stops, First Solar is done and the billions we gave them will be gone too.

Can’t you just see Al Gore standing by the abandoned First Solar farm in the Arizona desert, like George Romney stood by the locked up plant in Allentown, saying we could have made this all work if we had just kept bankrupting America.

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