A Leader Who Can’t Tolerate Rejection is not a Leader

July/14/2011 16:56PM
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President Obama abruptly walked out of a prolonged debate on the critical issue of the debt ceiling because he was being challenged. Never in my 34 years in business did I ever see a leader walk out of a heated debate. Many times  I disagree with the final decision that came out of a heated debate. Some were monumental. They were budget cuts that required many employees to be downsized. None of us wanted to do this. But, when it came to executing the decision, we all got on board and did what was required.

My first response to the Mitch McConnell recommendation to give Obama the choice to raise the ceiling unilaterally with offsetting cutswas negative. Why let Obama decide where to make the cuts? But, now I think it’s the best choice at this point. It would force him to take responsibility.  For the first time in his entire political life, this president couldn’t vote present on this issue. He would have  to be responsible for where the cuts come and the resulting effects on the economy. Go ahead Obama, make a plan and tell the American people what your plan is and execute the plan of your choosing. Be a real President for a change. Live with your decisions. If the public doesn’t like the results, live with that too.

Let’s see if you cut social security payments, Medicare payments, checks to the troops, etc. The scare tactics you are using about where the cuts will come if others make the decisions. Let’s see if the American people agree, since your statement when you walked out was let the American people decide. Since we can’t get over 300 million in one room to help you be president, you seem to think you know what those people want, do it.

Your press secretary said you don’t like the McConnell idea. I wonder why? It gives you full power to do your bidding. Raise the debt ceiling a quick $2 trillion and get about spending again. See how it turns out for you in 2012.

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