Texas is Working

June/15/2011 16:12PM
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Want to develop a loser for a health care plan? Go to Massachusetts. Model ObamaCare after RomneyCare. RomneyCare isn’t working, so let’s run the man who put RomneyCare in place as the Republican candidate for president. Why? He’s a businessman. Sure is, he inherited a ton of money from dad. He was a consultant. To Anthony Weiner, that’s a man who can tell you 24 ways to have sex but doesn’t know anyone you can have sex with. Then, he bought businesses and fired everyone and milked the business and resold it.

A businessman is like Jack Welch. Someone who turned GE around and had increases in profits and shareholder value every year. A Romney is like Welch’s replacement, Jeffery Immelt. Immelt is at Obama’s elbow all the time whispering in his ear and getting government handouts and still failing as the CEO of GE. And, helping Obama fail as president.

A businessman doesn’t buy excuses from the likes of Immelt, Romney, or Obama. To Immelt, you have failed as Welch’s successor, you go. To Romney, you put RomneyCare in place in Massachusetts, it’s a loser, you are a loser. To Obama, it’s not about Bush, you made it worse, you go.

A businessman looks for things that work and tries to integrate those practices into his or her company. RomenyCare doesn’t work, you don’t use it. Obama’s socialist practices have failed miserably, you throw them out. Where do you look for success in these tough times? Texas, that’s where. Since the recovery(supposed recovery) began, 37% of the jobs created in the private sector are in Texas.

Here’s the breakdown. Construction is down 2.3% in Texas. Manufacturing down 1.8%. Information is down 8.4%. Professional and business services are up 22.9%, health care up 30.5% and trade and energy up 10.6%. Let’s see, Texas passed malpractice reform and capped lawsuits at a low level. Is is possible doctors are moving to Texas.

But, Obama wants to make the United States like Michigan. Or, Illinois or California. How’s it going in those states.

Success breeds success, failure breeds failure. Obama is failing because he adopts the practices of losers. Hence, he becomes a loser.

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