Republican Candidate Will Need to Beat Obama and the Media

June/18/2011 16:47PM
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Face it, whoever we choose to run against Obama must run against both Obama and the mainstream media.

That means picking the right candidate doesn’t necessarily mean picking the best candidate. Isn’t that depressing?

Look at the circus over Sarah Palin’s e-mails. The mainstream media encamped in Alaska to dig through thousands of pages of e-mails to find some dirt. On a non-candidate. Or, the news shows that have either ignored Weiner or supported him(MSNBC). Or, the reports of Obama’s trip to Cree Industries in North Carolina and lauded their great performance in hiring new employees without mentioning their 5,000 person workforce in China. Or, ignoring the fact that Obama is doling out jobs to supporters who bring in campaign funds to him. Add to that the disgrace that the NLRB is undertaking to shut down the new Boeing plant in South Carolina. Need more?

The mainstream media is lining up to sling mud at whomever the Republican candidate is and devote hours of positive reporting to Obama. Obama will have a billion dollar war chest and get another couple of billion in positive press from the liberal media. Throw on top of that a couple of billion in negative coverage to the Republican candidate, and it will be tough sledding for whomever gets the short straw.

The media will try to spin the long list of Obama problems in as positive light as possible.

If the candidate has any blotches on their record this will be magnified and repeated daily, while Obama’s record will be spun.

So, as you look at the front runners for the Republican nomination in the primaries remember, the cleanest with the fewest flaws may be the only answer. Despite what Obama has done to this country.

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