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June/30/2011 19:01PM
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Here is a defense of Obama by my favorite liberal commenter.

i>Closed Gitmo – It is not Obama’s fault that republicans are such cowards
that they are afraid of a bunch of middle eastern men in shackles and orange
Reduced Unemployment – In early 2009, our economy was teetering on the
edge of disaster and losing 750,000 jobs per month. Now, we are in the early
stages of recovery from the Great Recession and gaining jobs again. We are on
the right path with absolutely no help from the republicans.
Energy Independence – Hardly Obama’s fault that our oil addicted nation
hasn’t done in 2+ years what every President in the last 40-50 years has tried
and failed to accomplish.
Afghanistan – Surrender? Please. By the end of next summer, when the
33,000 troops that surged come home, there will still be almost twice as many
American troops in Afghanistan as there were when W left office in January 2009.

Obamacare – The Health Care Reform Act has already allowed people with
pre-existing conditions to get coverage, allowed young adults to stay on their
parents plans til they are 26 and will deliver a trillion dollars in debt
reduction in the coming years. He promised health care reform during his
campaign for President and he delivered.
Fiscal Prudence – I’m not really sure what you are getting at here. The
debt ceiling needs to be raised. Everybody, even the repubs, say so. The reason
it hasn’t gotten done yet is because repubs have walked out on the talks.
Killed Bin Laden – Yep. Gave W his props too, as I recall.

Here is the counterpoint on a video that says it all. 


You pick which one meets your perspective.

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