Oil From Strategic Reserve is a Tax Increase

June/24/2011 16:08PM
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To placate the globe, a favorite ego booster for President Obama, he will dig into the strategic petroleum reserve. It’s no different than government spending that will destroy this country for your kids and grand kids. It creates revenue for the government that they can spend on useless pursuits through the Department of Energy that will produce no energy.

It’s two day’s supply for the thirsty country. Do you really believe that two day’s supply for the US will have any long term effect on oil prices? It won’t. But, in time of real need that oil might help us defend this country. That’s what it’s there to do. Not to embellish Obama’s damaged political fortunes. It won’t help much there either.

This is a tax. A revenue generator for the government. It is a phony effort to get Obama much needed political capital.

It’s digging into the savings accounts of future generations to kick our problems down the road.

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