Obama’s Band of Fools

June/27/2011 16:43PM
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As if the President weren’t bad enough, he has surrounded himself with a band of fools.

Lisa Jackson, head of the EPA, goes merrily about shutting down coal fired power plants without regard for how that power will be replaced or at what cost. Businesses across America has a responsibility to monitor this and estimate future energy prices. They know what homeowners don’t know. Power costs will double. They won’t double in China, but they will double here. If you have to compete with China, that’s relevant. So, you keep costs down and don’t hire.

The top nuclear regulator, Gregory Jaczko, stopped the Yucca Mountain site for storing spend nuclear waste. Reid wanted it stopped. Now, despite a law passed in 2002 Jaczko is stalling a report required by Congress, regarding the future of Yucca. One of the many issues keeping us from building new nuclear plants, which Obama says he wants, nuclear waste is near the top. Jaczko doesn’t want new nuclear plants. Why, if you, Obama, want new nuclear plants, would you put this jackass in this job? Simple, you are lying, you, too, don’t want new nuclear plants, you just want votes from those who do.

You name a labor zealot to the NLRB and now he is making trouble for the Boeing Plant in South Carolina and trying to implement card check without congressional approval. This one won’t be a freebie for you, Mr. President, union membership in the private sector is the lowest it has been in 70 years. Unions have put most manufacturing concerns out of business and the union jobs are gone with them. You can’t pull this one over on the public. We see the damage unions do and we don’t want to see more jobs go away to get you reelected.

Your man, Eric Holder, has done nothing but cause your problems. He can’t close Gitmo, he tried to move terrorist trials to NY City, then set up a sting in Mexico and lost track of the guns and a US border guard was killed with one of Holder’s sting guns. Holder only opens his mouth to change feet.

Your general in Afghanistan, McCrystal, opened up to Rolling Stone and made you look foolish. You had to fire him. In comes Petreus, you listen to him on the surge and ignore his advice on the withdrawal schedule.

You let a bunch of interns design your ObamaCare law. Now, all the warts and flaws are being exposed and you will probably lose it all at the Supreme Court.

Dr. Chu, head of the Energy Department keeps handling out money to scam artists with no results. He let you tap the Strategic Reserve, which will turn out to be another disaster. You asked the Saudi’s to increase production, and before they could respond, you double crossed them. Now, they will just draw down their production by the amount the world released until prices go back to where they were.

Sad as it is, the only two members of your team who seem competent are Robert Gates, a Bush guy, and Hillary Clinton, the Democrat who should be president in your place.

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