Junk Science and Scary Times

June/03/2011 16:42PM
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Wow, what a week it has been for science. We were told that record amounts of carbon emissions were emitted last year. Not measured, but estimated. Let’s see, the population of the world increased, the population of autos driven increased, countries are modernizing, and that calls for progress. This is truly a scientific breakthrough. But, did it just offset deforestation? Another big environmental concern. We just don’t know. But, we are sure the EPA can give us the exact number of deaths world-wide that will occur from this. They can cite exactly to the person, the number of deaths they prevent from every regulation they enact. Like making spilled milk on a dairy farm a biohazard and a reportable offense.

Cell phones may cause cancer. A big study was released this week warning this. There was a study a few years ago warning the same thing. And, then another study came along and said no, no problem.

Coffee may prevent heart problems and cancer. Heavy coffee drinkers may be helping their health. How many studies have we seen about the dangers of coffee?

There are pesticides in herbs. The FDA has found at least 34 unapproved pesticides in cilantro. Wow, what are those folks in Mexico trying to do? Be like China and ship bad dry wall and kid’s toys with lead.

Out there in the Arizona desert where they are throwing up solar panels like windmills in Palm Springs,but, there is a problem. They may threaten plants and animals. Threatened plants and animals? Nothing worse than threatening, threatened, plants and animals. One nut-case environmental group pitted against another. One supports solar despite the millions and billions in subsidies it takes to be competitive with nuclear, coal, and natural gas power, the other doesn’t want any solar on any government land anywhere. Put the panels on roofs and in cities, not in the desert where plants, animals, and Native American archaeological sites will e disturbed.

I’m so conflicted, I just don’t know what to believe anymore. I remember studying science. I thought it was a process that led to one answer. By eliminating all others.

Now, it has become a coffee klatch. Scientists, who have be beaten into liberal submission, sit in a room with a politician like Al Gore and look for reasons to produce a scientific theory that will support a liberal cause. Or, attack something, like solar in the desert. Or, coffee. Or, to support something, like coffee. Or, attack cell phones. Or, support cell phones with a report that says there is no issue with cell phones.

In the corporate world there’s a thing called lawyer shopping. In big companies with floors of lawyers, if marketing, for example, wanted to do something and needed a legal opinion to proceed, it was suggested you worked the floor until you got legal approval.

I’m suggesting you can scientist shop. I can understand the lawyer shopping, since you are getting an opinion, not the result of a scientific experiment. But, how can one scientist shop? It’s called consensus science. It’s the result of those coffee klatches. They sit around and agree on a scientific result, then seek documentation.

But, despite their heavy credentials and nice resumes, it’s junk science. And, we are being overloaded with junk science today. The scientific community is for sale, just like the political community. Step right up and buy your answer. And, there is no shame. One of the early scientists who help sell climate change to the world is now condemning it as junk science. Either he was snubbed by Gore, or the got paid more by someone else.

With all this flying around, should I drink less coffee?

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