Green Jobs Translated

June/07/2011 16:01PM
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Our president has spoken many times about how green jobs will save the U.S. economy. But, remember what this president knows about the private sector would not fill a thimble. Hence, the 9.1% unemployment.

Timing is everything in this world. Common sense would dictate that you time the elimination of coventional power supply with the initiation of new green sources. Common sense is not part of the Obama administration. Green power is reliant on two things. Government subsidies to make it competitive with conventional power and madates that percentages of power be green. The mandates are severely lagging the goals established. The funds for the subsidies are part of the federal deficit problem and may be cut off.

Ignoring the fact that green power is falling far behind projections for a myriad of reasons, the EPA continues to shut down coal fired power plants. Fifty so far with many, many more finding they can’t find the capital to meet the stringent federal requirements they must meet.

Closing some heavy polllution coal fired plants is an admirable goal. But, ignoring the huge lag between the lost power and the new power is a serious problem.

You will pay for this in two ways. First, you will find your electric bills skyrocketing in the near future. Most electric utility companies are in for huge rate increases they will need to fund the power they buy from solar and wind to meet the mandates. Second, the subsidies will grow exponentially as the race to meet lost conventional power.

When your utility bills double in the next few years, please sit down and write a nice thank you letter to your president for his incompetence. When private sector jobs don’t materialize as manufacturing plants close or move because of high power costs, write another thank you latter. And, when those of you who lost jobs at coal fired plants can’t find work, you take the time to thank Mr. Obama as well.

It’s a dog’s breakfast and we are all watching as if nothing is happening. Aren’t we good little patriots?

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