GM CEO Calls for $1.00 Gas Tax Increase

June/09/2011 16:44PM
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General Motors CEO Dan Akerson said his company and his industry would be helped, not hurt, if consumers paid higher gas taxes.

In an interview published in Tuesday’s Detroit News, Akerson floated the idea of a $1 a gallon increase in the gas tax as a way to encourage buyers to purchase smaller, more fuel efficient cars. Greg Martin, spokesman for GM’s Washington office, confirmed that the quotes reflect Akerson’s and GM’s view.

Akerson said he would support a jump in the gas tax if it came instead of tighter fuel economy regulations that GM (GM, Fortune 500) and other automakers will have to meet in coming years. By the year 2025, automakers could be forced to hit fuel economy averages of as much as 62 mpg.

Akerson said that a higher gas tax, including an immediate 50-cent-a-gallon increase to take advantage of recent declines in gas prices, would probably make some of his Republican friends “puke.” But he said it would do more to help the environment than the pending fuel

He’s right, it makes me puke. I’m sick and tired of the government telling Americans what light bulbs and cars they need to buy. The Repubicans have a bill on the floor to kill the CFL bulbs that become law in just ovr 6 months and they refuse to find the cajonies to correct this George Bush mistake. The public doesn’t want the bulbs and we should not be forced to buy them. If they really save electricity and last longer that should be enough to sell the bulbs. The same is true of Obama’s Volt.

But, secretly, I hope Obama does raise the gasoline tax a dollar. It won’t sell Volts, but it will be the end of Obama.

If you are shopping for cars and thinking GM, just keep this little idea in mind. If you buy that SUV, the CEO wants to make sure you regret that decision.

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