Did You Vote to Pay 60% More for Your Electricity?

June/12/2011 17:50PM
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Funny how things get done today. Did Obama run on a platform to raise electric bills 60%? Did Congress vote to raise your electric bills 60%? Did you vote to pay 60% more for your power?

With more and more homeowners finding it harder and harder to pay the mortgage and fuel their cars, how many more homes will go into foreclosure if power bills go up that much? How many more businesses will close, or move ,if their power costs go up 60%?

A few blogs ago, I questioned the timing of Obama’s EPA closing coal fired power plants with no replacements on the horizon. Now, the Chicago Tribune, of all things, printed a front page story telling the readers the electric bills will go up 30-60% in the next few years. Why?, the coal fired power lost must be replaced by wind and solar at twice the cost. And, the remaining coal fired plants will be spending billions to meet EPA requirements, and that cost will be passed back to you. Since, there won’t be enough wind and solar to make up the shortfall for the closed coal plants, natural gas will be needed to fill the gap.

Just think about this. The government has spent billions for crazy energy ideas that don’t work, for ethanol, and to subsidize wind and solar. And, if the oil industry that you have been trained to hate, hadn’t developed the technology(fracking) to get the natural gas, there would be no supplement for the lost electricity. Would Obama still be closing the coal fired plants? you bet.

If you want an incentive to vote this president out of office, just think about this one. This president has zero common sense. He has no appreciation of how anything works in the free market. He is an ideologue who does what his ideology tells him to do with no regard for the consequences.

If you don’t work to get him replaced, you will have $10 gasoline and twice the electric bill by his first year of his next term. If you are lucky enough to still have a job. If not, you won’t need either to live on the streets with the rest of his supporters.

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