Democratic Strategy for 2012

June/01/2011 16:21PM
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What a simple plan the democratic party has for 2012. Between now and then do nothing. Ignore the debt ceiling issue. Or, push to raise it with no action but to raise taxes. Kick every problem down the road. Vote present on every one. Wait, lie in wait, like a mugger.

When the republicans propose any solution, mug them. Demagogue their plan. Make untrue, irrational, preposterous, fearful charges against that plan. Like pushing grandma off the cliff.

Take no action, but reaction. Find an emotional charge that can be made, without substance, and whip up emotions.

Jiggle the math to defend doing nothing. Assure people, where no rational assurance is justified, that doing nothing works.

Medicare is just fine. All we have to do is raise taxes on the rich and all will be OK. Except, if they took all the money from the rich, it won’t be OK.

If we don’t raise the debt ceiling, the economy will tank. When, if we do raise the debt ceiling, the economy will tank.

Make no plans of your own. Why bother?

The democratic party is not leaderless. It’s doing exactly what it’s leader has always done. Voting present. Then, attacking the people who didn’t. Or, the plan. And, throw truth to the winds. And, throw the future generations under the bus.

It’s very simple. The leader started this strategy with demagoging George W Bush. Everything is Bush’s fault. Now, it’s anything that moves. Doing anything to fix anything is a bad idea. Simple, but effective. Teflon, not Velcro. Get nothing on you, nothing sticks. Throw what doesn’t stick at the other guy.

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