A Nation Cries for Leadership

June/21/2011 16:32PM
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Wonder why Chris Christie is getting so much pressure to run for president after such a short time in office? He is the anti-politician. He is a leader.

He has real convictions, real plans, and sticks to his guns. Something we haven’t seen since Ronald Reagan.

None of the other Republican candidates, with the possible exception of Ron Paul, has any of that. Paul has plans and convictions that are not acceptable to the majority of Americans and does not have the true demeanor of a leader.

We are tired of politicians who implement ObamaCare in Massachusetts, then rail against ObamaCare. We don’t need another president who goes to North Carolina to promise jobs while he ignores his NLRB trying to shut down a new Boeing plant in South Carolina.

We don’t need candidates, like those who have announced, that build their campaign by polling. Ones who rehearse every response to every question with a team of consultants. A candidate like, Tim Pawlenty, who don’t have the courage to confront Romney in a nationally televised debate over RomneyCare.

Those of us with even brief exposure to Christie and what he has accomplished and how he goes about his business recognize leadership. He is truthful. He says it like it is. He speaks from the brain not from a script. He handles confrontation directly. He doesn’t waver from his beliefs. He makes things happen, and they are the things he promised he would make happen.

Here are two examples. When the media attacked him about using a state helicopter to attend a son’s baseball game, he said: “the people of the state expect me to work 18 hour days to do the business of the state. I will do that but, I chose not to give up the personal need to be present at my children’s activities. The helicopter must fly so many hours a week to meet training requirements. If the people of the state want me to give up attending my family’s activities, then you need a new governor. I will reimburse the state for the fuel.”

When asked by a reporter what schools his kids attend, he said, ” it’s none of your business what schools my kids attend. What schools do your kids attend? My wife and I choose to send our kids to parochial schools because in our family religion is part of education. I contribute $19,000 a year in taxes so other’s kids can attend public schools and pay tuition on top of that so my kids can get religious exposure with their education.”

He tells teachers who say he doesn’t care about the kids when he wants them to give up raises, don’t give me the, this is about the kids stuff to me, this is about you wanting more money when the state can’t give you more. If you don’t want to work without a raise, go somewhere else and teach or find a new profession, but don’t bring the kids into this discussion.

He gives the federal government back millions for a new tunnel because he knows as you and I do that it will take twice the money and time to build the tunnel and the state will be on the hook for the difference. Plus, unlike Washington, it’s way down on the priority list of things New Jersey needs.

If you know a politican will tell truth even when it hurts, you trust him or her. If you voted for the person because you endorse his platform and you get what you voted for you respect the man. If he talks in a way everyone can understand, not like Obama, you have two way communications.

There is not a Christie running for either party at this juncture. Rick Perry may be the closest thing we can hope for if he gets in the race. He actually suggested Texas might secede from the union a few years ago rather than fund California. Sounds a little like Christie.

Why is it so hard to get a leader to run for the highest office in the land? Maybe they have the vision to know the job can’t be done. Maybe they know that media in this country really runs the country and no one can survive them and succeed. I can only think of two who deal with the media and still do their business. Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona and Christie. Google Arpaio and the entire first page is attacks on Joe. In both cases the more the media attacks the higher their approval ratings go up. It demonstrates how bad Obama is. He gets no attacks and his approval ratings go down.

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