You Will Drive What Obama Wants You to Drive-Eventually

May/06/2011 16:24PM
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Give Obama credit. He knows that cutting off drilling everywhere in the United States will result in higher gasoline and fuel bills here. There will be ups and downs, but over the long run it will be up. He knows that not having a pipeline from the tar sands in Alberta will push gasoline prices up. He knows that closing coal burning power plants will make your utility bills higher. He knows, as yesterday’s blog proved, it will be more expensive for electricity for a Volt than gasoline. Until he gets that gasoline price higher.

It’s all part of a master plan. Here, Obama let’s the cat out of the bag.

This is central planning at it’s best. It’s the Nanny State doing it’s thing. It’s your government knows best at it’s worst.

I have a breakthrough for you. Your government does not know best. A community organizer who will pimp anything for a vote, does not have your back. A government run for the unions, environmentalists, special interests, and deadbeats, cannot and will not be in your best interest if you don’t belong to one of those categories.

Those green jobs, that are supposed to replace the jobs lost when energy costs become prohibitive to manufacture or sell most goods here ,will be government jobs. New post office equivalents that lose money.

The master plan is flawed. Flawed like most government plans. The insulting manner in which Obama accused the person in the audience of having a big SUV says it all. And, the way he couldn’t respond when the man said he had ten kids is priceless. Obama wants him crammed into a Smart car with the wife and ten kids. Obama wants him in a bullet train to nowhere. A train, like Amtrak, that loses money, and loses even more money when more people use that train. But, Obama can’t connect the dots when it comes to families who have no intention of giving up their lifestyle to endorse Obama’s defective vision.

Check out a Smart Car. It’s a good deal. A dual purchase, you buy your transportation and your burial vault in one purchase. Make Obama happy, that’s your job.

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