The Circus Came Back to Washington DC

May/13/2011 16:22PM
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They did it again. The Democrats who have destroyed any hope for a workable energy strategy in the US, dragged another 5 big oil CEO’s into Washington DC for yet another perp walk.

Rather than do what needs to be done to increase our energy options by lifting the regulations that limit our energy options, it’s easier to demonize big oil for the 20th time sine Carter started the idea. Any idea from Carter had to be a bad one. But, this bad idea keeps getting traction. For thirty years politicians and the media have told you big oil is evil.

Funny thing, the number of companies called to be circus monkeys keep shrinking. Back when Carter started this there were 10-12 so-called big oil CEO’s in the hearings. When you find you are doing business in a hostile environment you tend to do business elsewhere.

When the top ten oil companies in the world are countries, how would anyone with a whit of common sense believe these five little companies are controlling world oil and gas prices? Are the democrats trying to make what’s left of big oil into Amtrak? You think gas prices are high now, just let that happen.

Nothing will come of the hearings, nothing ever has. A bunch of blowhards get to show their ignorance and hostility to US business.

If they tax the oil companies more, the money will be given to food stamp users and you will pay for that with the taxes being put back on the pumps. Simple as that.

Less exploration and production will be done in the US. These CEO’s have every country in the world to choose from for investing scarce capital. Why spend it here. They have been told in hearings, in the media, and through regulation they aren’t welcome. Fine, don’t invest here. Who will?

The people asking the questions are the reason for high gasoline prices. The people being asked the questions are the possible solutions.

You deserve to pay high gas prices if you keep buying this crap. And, your kids and grand kids deserve no gasoline. You just go to the mirror when the time comes. You wanted to go to the circus.

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