Send Money-I Might Run for President

May/07/2011 16:21PM
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Newt Explore 2012

Remember when Soupy Sales got fired from his TV gig when he said to the kiddies in the audience, “go to Mommy’s purse or Daddy’s wallet and take out some bills and send them to Soupy at this address’ ?

Why was Soupy’s joke worse than this? His was a joke, this isn’t. This man is saying, “gee, I might run for President. And, I might not. Send me money either way. ” What a sleazeball. With his cutesy third wife, after divorcing the other two while they were suffering from cancer. No damned wonder we have no Repubican candidates to run against Obama. With looters like this trying to extort money from the public, we are in serious trouble. 

Newt Explore 2012
Dear bill,
Donate Now
I am writing you with a great sense of urgency today. As you know, I am actively exploring the possibility of seeking the Presidency of the United States. Words cannot adequately express how grateful I am to you for your continued support and friendship.As one of my most active political supporters, I want you to know that my instincts today are to make this run.But before I make my final decision, I need your help. Will you consider a contribution of $10, $25, or $50 today to “Newt Exploratory 2012?”

It is extremely important I hear from you soon! You see, after years of working with you to advance conservative principles, I want to make sure I make the right decision. I owe that to our nation, to my family, and to friends like you.

If my candidacy is the right vehicle for winning the future, then I am willing to commit myself to leading a broad-based citizen effort for transformational change to achieve that goal.

And I must tell you that I am very encouraged by what I’m hearing from citizens across the nation! Right now, we are assembling our team and we need you to be with us from the beginning. Your support will inform me that we will have the financial resources we need for the next critical phase of our effort!

Your generous contribution of $10, $25, or $50 today  will be an enormous help to me and our team as we continue this process to the next level.

I want to again thank you for your help, your friendship and your partnership with me in advancing a commonsense conservative agenda for America.

Please let me hear back from you within the next few days… within the week, if possible.

Your friend,

Newt GingrichP.S. Your financial support at this first stage of our citizen effort is so important. Frankly, it’s more critically needed now than at any other point in a campaign! Thank you in advance for your help!

Paid for by Newt Exploratory 2012

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