Obama’s Double Standard on Terrorists

May/09/2011 16:19PM
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We have heard from Obama since his campaign about the horrible acts Bush wrought on the terrorists. He even waterboarded them. Of course, we don’t hear very much about how water-boarding broke a terrorist and got the name of the bin Laden courier that actually led to the location of bin Laden.

Despite that breakthrough, known mostly to Fox News viewers and from other sources than network TV or the New York Times, Eric Holder, the Attorney General who used to be a defense attorney for terrorists, refused to drop his investigation into the acts of the Bush CIA that allowed enhanced interrogation.

Here’s the double standard. It’s OK to shoot a terrorist in the face, unarmed and subdued, but you dare not dunk them. Dunking is just too inconsistent with the ethics of our nation, per Obama and Holder, the ACCLU, and all you bleeding heart liberals. You can’t even dunk the mastermind of the 9-11 attacks. But, using war as an excuse, you can shoot a terrorist in the face.

Demean Bush for doing what needs to be done in a war situation, but take full credit for our hero Seals for doing what they do best. Protect us from threats. Then, announce “we don’t want to spike the football”, or gloat over our huge victory.

Then, spike the football for a week at the site of 9-11 and Ft. Knox with the Seals. You can bet that football will keep getting spiked by Obama who is in full campaign mode. Barry Sanders, one of the greatest running backs in the history of the NFL, never spiked the ball in any of his many TD’s. He handed it to the official. When asked why, he said his dad told him when he first started playing, don’t spike the ball. Act like you’ve been in the end zone before.

While I am in full agreement with the way the bin Laden situation was handled, I’m still asking Obama to explain the rationale between enhanced interrogation and shooting bin Laden in the face. Enhanced interrogation that led to the opportunity to shoot him in the face. And, punishment for the CIA staff that endorsed water boarding.

Holder probably wants to file criminal charges against the Navy Seals.

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