Obama Kisses Hollywood Support Goodbye

May/21/2011 16:30PM
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President Obama is having a bad week(again).

First on the eve of a visit from the Israeli Prime Minister, he tells the world what he is going to force the Israeli Prime Minister to do the next day. I heard some pundit equate that to inviting someone to your house for dinner and calling them the day before to tell them you are only going to serve foods they dislike.

Prime Minister Netanyahu did not eat the meal. He spent several minutes lecturing Obama in the Oval Office, while Obama, not used to being lectured, stared coldly at Netanyahu.

Jewish Americans have to feel that Obama double crossed them. For their money and heavy support, this is the reward. Just another group that learned the hard way that trusting Obama is like petting a rattlesnake.

Telling Israel that giving up land is their only course of action is not only arrogant, but dismaying. Has this President decided we need Iran more than Israel? And, the way he served up his arrogant message could not have been less tactful.

The Jewish community in America saw this coming. The last meeting between Obama and Netanyahu did not go well either. Several wealthy Jewish Americans said at that time they would no longer support Obama.

Now, Mr. President, you finished the job. Hollywood will turn on you like a member of the Bush family. You might see some of your loyal media lapdogs suddenly finding fault with you as well. Both have large populations of Jewish Americans and picking loyalty between you or Israel, it may not be you who gets the nod.

While you destroyed your strong support in the Jewish American community, 2% of the voters, you got blasted by the AFL-CIO. They don’t think you are doing enough. They reminded the country, and you, that they took out Blanche Lincoln in Arkansas because she didn’t do enough.

Watch out Mr. President, you can only ride that bin Laden horse so far. Your timing could not have been worse for throwing Israel under the bus. You could have used that help from Hollywood and the mainstream media next year.

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