Like Your Cheap Natural Gas? Obama Has a Plan to Raise Your Price

May/01/2011 16:33PM
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Obama has dumped billions into alternative energy with nothing to show for the money. Obama has destroyed the dollar, raising oil prices, raising gasoline prices. Obama put a moratorium on Gulf drilling, stopping production and tightening supply, raising gasoline and jet and heating oil prices. Obama wants another congressional hearing on gas prices. Probably the twentieth since the first oil shortage in the 70’s with zero results. Obama wants to tax oil companies. An act that will raise gasoline prices. He will put the revenue into alternative energy with the same results we got from the DOE in the past two years, money gone, no results.

Nonplussed, and believing he can dupe the public and demonize others to hid his acts, he is now going after the only bright spot in US energy in 30 years, natural gas.

He has sicked his EPA head, Lisa Jackson, on the industry. Through a new technology, called fracking, the industry has been able to penetrate shale and reach gas below the shale. There is a segment of the public that wants this stopped. They probably number less than 100,000. But, they will get their way. Jackson plans to step up regulations on fracking.

They will stop the progress. They always do. But, they will not get any blame for higher natural gas prices just as Obama gets a free pass for higher gasoline prices. There is always a gap between the action and the result and with the media always erring on the side of no progress, no one ties the action to the result.

What will be left for energy? Hydroelectric power. Not so fast. A group called the National Parks Conservation Association is releasing a report showing dams pose a threat to natural and cultural resources in five national parks. Per them, the dams have altered the natural flow of the rivers leaving native species in a struggle for survival with invasive plants and animals. Give me a break. When were these dams built? How long have the rivers been rerouted? How did this group just now discover the issues? Put this one in the category of global warming. Junk science. Anything to stop progress. Not a single member of this group would live a minute without the fruits of progress, but the would let you live without or go broke tying to keep them.

A bunch of sliver spoons with no real purpose in life. People who have never contributed a dollar to the economy. People who have substituted these causes for God, and worship their causes believing they are right and just. With no regard for damage they may cause in lost jobs, lost homes, lost lives.

You keep drinking the Kool-Aid, they will keep serving it up. Only when you put your foot down and say the majority of the population wants cheap natural gas, hydroelectric power, and the motors that drive the economy, will this nonsense stop. You choose to make yourself the victim. You let them put you on the big guilt trips and buy the baloney. Remember, there is a gap between actions and results. Your real guilt will come when you see what your passivity did to your kids and grand kids.

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