Give the Man his Due

May/03/2011 16:19PM
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I admire the way President Obama continued to pursue Ben Laden. I believe the method approved for the attack was perfect. I thought the speech he made announcing the event was just right. Measured and solemn. This was very well done, Mr. President.

I have been and will continue to be a staunch critic of yours Mr. President. I do not have one iota of bitterness about your moment of triumph. Some of your critics seem to resent the great deed you engineered. I do not.

Does this crowning achievement of your short presidency mean I will forgive and forget and vote for you in 2012? Absolutely not. I do not endorse your politics or your policies. I do not believe your leadership stands the test of the challenges of this country. I don’t trust your integrity. I will work my hardest to see you become a one-term president.

That said, without qualification, on the matter of the long-awaited justice you brought to us with the death of this generation’s version of Hitler, I say, well done Mr. President.

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