Forget the Newts and the Mitts

May/23/2011 16:39PM
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If the Republican Party wants to replace Obama and get the 60 senate seats it desires, party leaders need a big wake up call.

Republicans and Independents in America have zero interest in a Newt or a Mitt for 2012. Get real folks, these men have no appeal. Both are talkers, not doers. Both talk too much about nothing and nothing about issues. Neither has a real core set of beliefs that will support a platform. Mitt will never accept his big RomneyCare mistake in Massachusetts. But, even overlooking that, which I can’t, he is no Reagan. He has not lived most of his life as a conservative with conservative core values. Newt is even worse. He will blow in the wind and grab any idea that will help his get a vote.

This is why Republicans across America keep begging for Chris Christie. In a very short time, everyone knows what Christie stands for and that he will not waver. No one believes that of any current candidate for president with a Republican label.

No more hope and change. Voters want a set of action steps. Specific action steps. Steps like Paul Ryan had the courage to put forward. Steps like Christie is taking in New Jersey.

We’ve had a bellyful of Obama. A man who stands for making America a euro-socialist state, but has never once admitted that. Beyond that the man has dodged any specific position on anything. Yes, he let ObamaCare happen, but he never once put his fingerprints on the plan, nor could he ever explain it to the voters. Hence, the election results last fall. His core value and his plan is to attack anyone with a plan.

The clock is ticking and the republicans are watching it tick. Mitch Daniels was a big hope. Now, he’s gone.

Obama is vulnerable, but less vulnerable since bin Laden, but still vulnerable. But, he can’t be beaten by the likes of the scruff throwing their hats in the ring so far. None of them can explain the Ryan plan for Medicare. I’m no politician, but I can understand why I , as a user of Medicare, will be better off with a Ryan plan of some kind. And, I can explain to my younger friends why they would be better off. And, I can do it in a sound bite. Have you heard any republican other than Ryan do that?

Over confident from a gift given them by the Tea Party movement last election, the republicans keep trucking along as pseudo democrats thinking they will get another gift in November of 2012. Good luck.

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