EPA Overreach

May/18/2011 16:37PM
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The EPA is trying to do everything possible to run everything in this country. The latest example is an EPA edict that the city of Chicago must make the Chicago River clean enough for swimming.

Set aside the valid charge that the EPA is implementing cap and trade without Congressional approval, which many, including me, believe they are doing. By closing down coal fired power plants without any regard for how that power gets replaced, etc. Let’s just look at the Chicago River issue.

It will take a city with a half a billion dollar budget shortfall millions of dollars to accomplish what the EPA is requiring. A city with great beaches on Lake Michigan. Access to the Chicago River is limited, so where would one swim if they chose to swim there? Why would anyone want to swim in the Chicago River? If people began to swim in the Chicago River, it would be just a matter of time until the drowning began. Would lifeguards be needed?

It’s a question of common sense and the EPA has demonstrated they have no common sense. They have zero regard for current economic conditions. It is an agency run by dreamers and fools. But, an agency given a blank check to do as they see fit by our president.

It is high time Congress got control of this group. The damage they are causing and will cause for years to come from decisions of this kind will take years and billions to fix. And, you will pay the bill.

How many other rivers in how many other cities are getting this same edict? If you think it’s a top priority today to make the Chicago River a swimming pool and all the other metro rivers in America, you need serous help. But, your poor judgment won’t cost billions.

The poor judgment of Lisa Jackson and the EPA with the endorsement of President Obama will cost billions. For very little value.

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