Electric Cars Not Selling

May/29/2011 16:14PM
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Despite you kicking in $7,500 to anyone buying an electric car, they aren’t selling. Remember all the hype leading up to the introduction of the Volt and the Leaf? You just had to know silence was not good news. How many times did Obama tout the coming of the electrics. How many trips to assembly lines and battery manufacturing plants?

The projected number of pure electrics to be sold this year, 10,727. It will be revised down again before the year is out.

In a recent poll, 57% of Americans say they will never buy an electric car. Obama says we will sell 1 million electrics in 2015. Sounds a lot like his pledge close Gitmo, doesn’t it?

What planet does this president live on? From 20,000 to one million in three short years. How much does he plan to pay us to buy one? If $7,500 doesn’t get it done, what will? Where does he plan to get the money to pay us to buy one? Or, what does he project his non-energy, energy stategy will raise gasoline prices to by 2015? Ten dollars a gallon.

This is another great example of the failure of Obama’s social engineering in this country. Americans don’t buy the car their president bribes them to buy. Not until the bribes get high enough.

So, Mr. President, you go back to closing Gitmo, and get out of the car business. You keep forcing GM to make Volts and you will be bailing them out again in a short time.

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