Congressman Boehner Goes to Wall Street

May/12/2011 16:16PM
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John Boehner, Speaker of the House, went to Wall Street to take the pulse of the big boys on the debt ceiling.  We have all been told by Obama, Geithner, Bernake,  and all democrats that failure to raise the ceiling would create havoc in global financial markets. It just can’t happen. It would destroy our credit status in the world. 

Boehner got a differt story from the horse’s mouth. The people who undertand global finances told Boehner that raising the debt ceiling would do more damage to America’s reputation that not raising the ceiling. 

Global markets, like most Americans, are more concerned about Obama’s reckless spending than stopping that spending. The world wants some solid evidence that we can get it under control. 

Boehner, who needed a shot of courage from somewhere, came away with that bravado. He announced a new plan to tie cuts of trillions to any deal to raise the ceiling. He is prepared to not allow the ceiling to be raised.

Isn’t  it interesting. A politician talks to someone not in Washington and he get a fresh perspective. Proof that they all share insestuous ideas and no one thinks outside the box. Their world is lobbyists, lawyers, the media, their staff, and their little world. None of them seem to have ears or hearing. None of them get exposed to people who might give them a true perspective on big issues. None of them listen to us. 

One little visit from a politician who weeps at the least little memory migiht change the whole direction of the  ne l

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