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May/10/2011 16:30PM
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Pat Quinn, who got a temporary state income tax increase to close the budget gap in Illinois, submitted a higher budget for next year. Isn’t that the way of the politician today?

Illinois, broke, just gave a Motorola division a $100 million incentive to stay in Illinois. Sears announced it may move.

If Obama had closed Gitmo and bin Laden had been captured, where would we have taken him? My choice, Washington DC. Of course, if we shoot all terrorists instead if capturing them, we don’t need Gitmo. Or debates about trials in NYC, or Eric Holder for that matter.

Will the debt ceiling be raised? Of course it will. Republicans are just posturing. They didn’t get the message from the November election. Only the newly elected did. The rest need to be replaced in the next election by newly elected.

If the bin Laden plan was so perfect, why are we in so much trouble with Pakistan? They are just another country with nuclear weapons and shaky government. Perhaps we need to shut up about their hiding bin Laden as our justification for our invasion.

Why are all the republican candidates for president going to New Jersey to meet with Chris Christie? Maybe he should just become a candidate, since the rest are all trying to become him.

What sort of get rich quick schemes would Newt Gingrich try if he became president? He’s called creative. So was Bernie Madoff.

Dick Durbin is beating the oil industry gouging the public and almost moving to the Carter price controls idea again. And, we in Illinois wonder why we are broke. And, wonder even more how anyone from Illinois ever became president since Lincoln.

A Duke University study found methanol in water tables near natural gas fracking. But, they didn’t know how much was there before fracking or whether methanol in water is a health hazard. Who would authorize a study like this and who would print the inconclusive results of such a study? Those who want to stop natural gas production in the USA, that’s who.

In only a week the bin Laden story is going the way of the Japanese nuclear power plant problems, quiet. Seems like Americans out of work and out of money have other issues. Sorry, Barack, it’s not going to be enough for your next election.

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