Attack on Ronald McDonald is not a Clown Act

May/22/2011 22:53PM
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A group called Corporate Accountability International is trying to force McDonald’s to scrap Ronald McDonald. They equate the clown to Joe Camel, a brand figure they did get dropped.

This is a symptom of a job killing effort gaining momentum in this country. The group has tried to directly link McDonald’s to obese children in this country. They did get McDonald’s to put calorie content on all their offerings. They have pushed McDonald’s to offer healthier foods. But, the real objective is to put McDonald’s out of business completely. They won’t be satisfied until they do.

Let’s assume they are successful. How many small businessmen who are McDonald’s franchisees go out of business? How many tax dollars are lost? How many entry level jobs are lost? For what? Will kids really be less obese without McDonald’s?

The clout a small group can have against successful businesses is growing. Take a cause and turn it on a specific business and run with it until you make doing business impossible for that business and they just throw in the towel. McDonald’s has had enough, they announced they refuse to kill Ronald as a corporate symbol. Undaunted, the attack group says they will go to Washington to get Ronald killed.

No one does any research to see if any child or parent is reading the calorie data McDonald’s was forced to initiate. Have you ever seen or heard any discussion in a McDonald’s with parents or children discussing calories when an order is being placed? Does anyone care if none of the healthy choices are being purchased that were forced on McDonald’s? Does anyone really care if McDonald’s is forced out of business?

Look around you and wake up. Our government put the hurt on Toyota with the bogus claims about accelerator problems causing accidents. Scientific tests showed no issues. Ray LaHood, the Secretary of Transportation acknowledged this months later. But, the damage had been done.

Dick Durbin is messing with bank charges for debit cards. He plans to set the price banks can charge merchants. Remember when Jimmy Carter set the gasoline prices.

Cities like Chicago banned WalMart from building stores. Why? They have non-union employees. WalMart is the biggest target the SEIU wants to unionize. Why should unions keep the world’s biggest retailer from doing business anywhere in America? People on budgets in Chicago pay the price for not having access to the values WalMart offers and the discount prices they desperately need.

This is a growing and dangerous trend in this country. Regulation placed on successful businesses by a small group of people with a personal agenda. It all adds up to high unemployment. As more and more regulatory costs are placed on business by limiting their freedom to succeed, they raise prices and cut employment to cover the costs.

At some point the public has to realize that we need these successful businesses to continue to succeed and stop allowing this practice to continue.

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