Paul Ryan is a Breath of Fresh Air

April/10/2011 16:34PM
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Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin, wants to cut $6.2 trillion in government spending. Not the $31 billion Boehner wants to cut. Not the few million Obama wants to cut. He doesn’t want to close down the government because Democrats want to support Public Radio and Planned Parenthood and are willing to close the government over these issues.

Ryan defended his plan by saying he was not there to keep his lapel pin that shows he a member of Congress. That he was there to do the right thing for the country and not worry about the next election. He believes we are in serious trouble if we don’t take big steps. He has a plan and will risk his future on that plan.

To get to $6.2 trillion, Ryan will make severe spending cuts. he will address welfare programs like food stamps.He will put in place budget enforcement. He will initiate tax reform. Reforming the tax code. I just signed my 2010 Federal Tax forms today, and it was only 69 pages. I’m retired and my tax return is 69 pages. Do you think we need tax reform? Don’t most people you know? But, only Paul Ryan is trying to make it happen.

Compare this to the Obama agenda. He will have doubled debt held by the public at the end of his first four years. He triples it by 2021. It puts the debt as a percentage of GDP at more than 800%. Ryan takes it to less than 20%.

It’s time to take the Ryan’s of the world seriously. Give him credit for having a plan. For doing the work. Most of his peers just talk. Spin and spin. Putting your ass on the line and announcing our plan takes courage, something rare in Washington. Hat’s off to Ryan for having brains, spunk. and making effort to write a plan and sell it in simple terms.

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