Obama Wants to Unionize the TSA

April/07/2011 16:38PM
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Even as we watch states like Wisconsin try to get out from under a union situation they can’t afford, our president wants to unionize the TSA. Public unions get what they want because politicians buy their votes with your tax dollars. They is no limit to what they will pay for those votes. While cities and states try to get out from under this crushing problem, hundreds of TSA workers are voting to pick a union to give them the same benefits we can’t afford. With the overwhelming blessing of Obama and his liberal associates.

Candidate Obama sent a letter to the American Federation of Government Employees head John Gage stating it was a top priority to give the TSA collective bargaining rights. A priority after closing Gitmo. Or, trying Khalid Sheik Mohammad in New York in civil court. Or, vowing he would track down Osama Bin Laden.

Well, it’s finally time to provide that kickback to union bosses by Obama. The TSA came into being as a result of 9-11. Flawed as tests have shown since it’s inception, now Obama wants to give them union protection to maintain and grow those flaws. Plus, make sure they can’t have competition from the private sector, and to get higher pay and better benefits.

Isn’t this president a prize?

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