Captain Obama Steers the Titanic

April/27/2011 16:47PM
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The captain is steering us right into the icebergs. Does he see them, or is he just inept? According to the polls, the passengers, the public is seeing the danger before the captain. They’re jumping ship. He is sinking faster in the polls than the Titanic sunk. The difference between this captain and the captain of the Titanic, this captain has no intention of going down with the ship. We all know courage is not his forte. He would shove the elderly aside to get in the first life boat. He would survive and blame Bush for the icebergs.

Wall Street, his big financial supporter in the 2008 election has turned a cold shoulder to Obama. His Fed is printing dollars faster than you can say iceberg. Driving the dollar down and the price of oil up. Every act he has taken on energy in office has driven up the price of gasoline. He drove it right into the iceberg. Now, he jumps in the lifeboat and says: speculators are driving the boat, and the oil companies should pay for the wreck he created. By cutting prices and cutting profits to make up for his mistakes.

The passengers are on to you, Mr. President. Criminals can no longer put up a house for bail. Too many are underwater. Unemployment with minorities has gone up since you took office and gotten worse compared to whites. Today, 18.3% of Americans are dependent on the government, the highest in the nation’s history. Our credit rating is in jeopardy. Jimmy Carter had a better chance of seeing the icebergs.

The country is judging you incompetent to steer the ship. Nothing like high gas prices to end a political career. Nothing like 74% of the public wanting government budgets cut. While you refuse to cut them. Nothing like 60% of the public not liking your ObamaCare. While you ignore them. Nothing like the spectre of your first promise, remember, the one to close Gitmo, hanging over your head.

This version of the Titanic will have different outcome. There is a mutiny brewing. The passengers are going to take over the ship before you can destroy the ship and the passengers.

Thank God.

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