Cap and Trade Almost Died on April 8, 2011

April/24/2011 16:06PM
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Here’s the deal. We will have Obama’s version of Cap and Trade until Obama is gone. You want less manufacturing, more unemployment, higher utilities, no energy strategy that will work, and higher gas prices vote for Obama and his Democratic senators who support all this. The scorecard is plain.

On April 8, the house passed HR 910 which would strip the U.S. Environmental Protection agency of its ability to regulate greenhouse gasses, including carbon dioxide as an air pollutant. All Republican members voted for the bill and a total of 19 democrats.

The senate vote was 50-50 with one republican voting against. Obama is on record saying he would have vetoed the bill had it passed the senate.

Here’s how we got here. Clinton EPA chief Carol Browner under Clinton floated the idea that carbon dioxide could be regulated as a pollutant under the Clean Air Act. The Bush administration rejected Browner’s theory.
States, led by California, sued. In 2006, the Supreme Court rewrote the definition of pollutant. The court left the decisions to the executive branch. Obama used this as leverage to get Cap and Tax passed. Then he endorsed the EPA, under Lisa Jackson, to enforce a regulatory version of Cap and Tax. She is currently using that power to close down coal-fired power plants. This week, two nuclear plants in Texas, deep in planning and permitting, chucked it in. Ms. Jackson has no clue as to how we would replace the power lost from coal. But, she will shut it down anyway.

Her damage won’t stop in the power industry. She will go after any heavy industry. She will go after small businesses. It will be a tax on all Americans, including those less able to pay the tax. It will reach farms, she wants spilled milk to be a pollutant. It will hit schools, hospitals, restaurants, and any large building, just as Cap and Tax did.

Basically two people, Obama and Lisa Jackson, are implementing Cap and Tax under the noses of Americans and over the objections of the majority of the members of congress. In true stealth fashion.

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