Biden to Resolve Debt Issues

April/20/2011 16:54PM
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Didn’t you just love the footage of Biden sleeping during Obama’s big budget speech? The same Biden who gave an amazing $5,350 to charity in 2010 per his income tax disclosure. Why is it that liberals like Biden are so fast to give your money to charity, but little of their own? Well, this amazing gentleman, who is so interested in the budget problem that he slept through his boss’ speech on the subject will orchestrate the resolution of the most pressing problem facing this country. Doesn’t that give you such a confident feeling? It’s like sending a dwarf to guard Le Bron James in the NBA playoffs.

Standard and Poor responded to Obama’s plan by threatening to lower the US credit rating. Good speech, Mr. President. Guess the rating agency didn’t accept your plan. The most incompetent vice-president in my lifetime, and that includes Agnew and Quayle, gets the big job to do for the most incompetent president in my lifetime, which includes Jimmy Carter, who still goes around the world doing stupid things.

To compound the problem, Geithner tells the Sunday press, it’s a done deal. A compromise is already agreed to by Obama and McConnell and Boehner. From the response, no one told Obama, McConnell, or Boehner.

Obama proposed a 16 person committee, which 8 from each party to meet with Biden. The Democrats are sending 4 and the Republicans 2. Either Geithner is right, or both parties actually realize something the president doesn’t, 16 people can’t resolve anything.

Can this dog’s breakfast resolve this issue? Two of Pelosi’s lap dogs, two of Reid’s stooges, and Kyl, a lame duck, and a renown cost-cutter from Boehner work together? Within the framework Obama laid down in this budget campaign speech? His attack on the Republican party?

Is this how a leader, losing popularity like a leaky boat, shows he can cope with the number one issue in this country? Why didn’t he just ask Bush II to head it up? This guy can’t face any crisis. He’s out raising money for his next campaign at the same time some in his party are speaking aloud that a Democratic primary candidate may be a good idea.

Peggy Noonan, in her Saturday column for the Wall Street Journal, wrote the unthinkable last Saturday. She said Obama may be unelectable under any circumstances. She said he’s not unlikable, just unelectable. I’m actually beginning to think she may be right. She quoted from the polls to get to that conclusion.

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