A Man with a Plan and a man with a Teleprompter

April/16/2011 16:58PM
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One man, Paul Ryan, has a plan. He’s had a plan for a long time. It addresses the fact that the deficits have increased 259% over the last three years, largely due to the man with no plan, just a teleprompter, President Obama. Ryan’s plan is very specific. It has real numbers and real actions. It would bring down next year’s deficit below $1 trillion. Down from the current $1.6 trillion for 2011. Mr. Ryan’s plan would see the deficits at 1.6% of GDP in 2012. Ryan’s plan would hold tax receipts to 18-19% as a share of the economy, the post World War II average. Ryan’s plan of giving vouchers for Medicare would start at $15,000 a year and rise with inflation. This is intended to bring health care costs down by encouraging shopping for the best deal. He is giving people consumer choice, not government rationing. Hence, the liberal assault.

The other, Barack Obama, has a teleprompter. He has no specific plan except to raise taxes on the rich. The very people who pay 50% of the bill now. Of course, he neglects to address the facts that this is how states like New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Illinois, and California got in the mess they are in. His speech was a typical attack on the Republican plan and the party. In full campaign mode, Obama just made a speech.

Obama is incapable of having a plan or supporting a plan. He is far above such trivial matters. He is a big picture guy. That’s why we got where we are.

If you like rhetoric and failed ideas, support Obama. If you want to see it in specifics and with numbers that might even happen, support Ryan. Clear choices. Finally. The man from Chicago is much like the Cubs. He can fill the stadium but never win.

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