US Energy Shortage is a Political Leadership Shortage

March/13/2011 16:36PM
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We have no energy shortage in the United States. You will pay dearly for gasoline, heat, and other utilities because your political leaders have failed you for 30 years.

When the first energy crunch hit, the politicians found they could simply blame the oil companies for everything. That has worked for thirty years. Why? A very effective media has sold it, and most of you bought it. It gets right back to you.

Who stopped building nuclear power plants here? The power industry or the politicians? Who is now holding news conferences saying we must stop all plans based on what is happening in Japan?

Who stopped all offshore drilling in California, the oil industry or the politicians?

Who sold ethanol as the answer? The oil industry or the politicians? Who keeps it going even thought it costs billions a years and contributes nothing?

Who keeps the oil industry from drilling in Alaska? The oil industry or the politicians? Who has never supported the pipelines from Canada to bring in secure supplies of oil and gas? Politicians, who would rather spend billions a year to support a useless Department of Energy that has produced nothing?

Who, as recently as 60 days ago, put forth a plan to raise taxes on the oil and gas industry? Your president. Why would Exxon-Mobile, doing 18% of their business in the US, stay here and pay even higher taxes on 100% of their profits?

Who has made permitting for new refineries here so impossible than none have been built for 40 years?

Who is now trying to stop natural gas drilling with new technology, the best thing we have going for us in energy? Not the natural gas industry, the politicians.

Who is shutting down coal fired power plants with no solar or wind ready to replace the lost power sources? Not the utility companies, the politicians.

Who puts the pointy-headed environmentalist or starry-eyed Hollywood types who gorge energy ahead of the working man? The politicians. They do what they want.

You want a stagnant economy, a failing country, and a dismal future for you, your kids, and your grand kids, keep buying the current energy strategy, if there is one. If you think CFL bulbs will save your family, keep buying them. If you want us to put 50% of our corn crop to ethanol for zero energy gain, pay taxes to do it, and starve foreign countries, keep buying it.

If you want a vibrant economy again, a rosy future, and a great country, you need to stop buying the bilge coming out of Washington. We need leaders who understand energy and put the pedal to the metal to make up for 30 years of bad decisions.

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