The Sky is Falling(Again)

March/15/2011 19:29PM
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The terrible tragedy in Japan is a true crisis. As the soon-to-be mayor of Chicago once said, “never let a real crisis go to waste.” Edward Markey(D) Massachusetts, is a true advocate of the Emanuel theory.

Before we know whether the nuclear power plants in Japan are a crisis or a problem, Markey has already weighed in with his opinion. He wants to put the brakes on the plans for adding to our nuclear power expansion that we put the brakes on before for 25 years.

Markey is from the Gore school. He believes we can go back to living in caves, except for him and Gore, of course, run an economy on dreams of wind and sun, and defend our country with rubber bands. The world is full of dreamers. And, schemers. Gore is a schemer. I’ll give Markey the benefit of the doubt, maybe he is just a foolish dreamer. Politicians like Gore and Markey are the reason you will pay $5 for gasoline. If you are lucky.

Even the labor unions have turned on the dreamers. Finally realizing the Obama EPA is wiping out jobs with their over-zealous war on coal, the unions have asked the EPA to stop. Is it really possible that shutting down coal-fired power plans puts miners and utility workers out of work? How strange is that? But, what about the green jobs. Oh, that’s right they go to PHD’s at the DOE to play with test tubes.

BP screws up and we stop drilling offshore. Mother Nature hits Japan and we want to stop all new nuclear. Politicians show you a polar bear and you want to agree not to drill in ANWAR. A dot in Alaska that is a frozen tundra. And, it 75 miles from an existing pipeline that got built in 3 years when our sky was falling on energy. Nothing like long lines at gas stations and a president about to be a one-termer to loosen up the permits.

There are politicians with clout in America who will use any excuse not to expand any form of domestic energy. You can accept them and also live with the consequences of their beliefs. Trade your nice 3,000 sq. ft. house that is already underwater for a little 1,000 sq. ft. condo. Trade your SUV for a smart car and make four trips to pick up the kids at soccer practice. Move back into the city. Suck up that smog.

You thinks I’m giving you a falling sky pitch, just go over to Europe for your next vacation. Stay with people who actually live there. Experience their life style for a few days. Come back and tell me your want to trade what your have for that.

You see, that’s what the Markey’s of the world have in mind for you. And, the Obama’s for that matter.

It’s self-inflicted. You can take a position that we need energy. There are risks involved with anything. We need to take acceptable risks to get the energy we need. Or, we don’t. But, don’t ever let the fools like Markey convince you there is no alternative. There is and we are at the crossroads where future chances to make corrections get slimmer.

Pick your road.

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