Foreign Dependence on Green Energy

March/25/2011 16:01PM
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Let’s see, we are going to keep throwing billions at green energy. Billions of your tax dollars. First, because we don’t want to drill here, use coal, use nuclear, or even go full tilt on natural gas, it is a hydrocarbon after all. Second, because we must end our dependence on foreign crude. Notice how Obama isn’t attacking Libya for their oil like Bush attacked Iraq for theirs. Isn’t the media just so, so impartial.

So, let’s drive electric cars. We will close a few hundred coal fired power plants while we ramp up power demand. We will replace them with solar and wind subsidized with your tax dollars. You will pay far more for your utility bills, but don’t worry. You will feel patriotic, since we are no longer sending money to the Middle East for oil.

But, wait. Who has a lock on the technology for these changes? Tellurium(photovoltaic cells)– China. Neodymium and lanthanum(hybrid vehicle batteries)–China. Or, neodymium-iron-boron(magnets for wind-energy technology)–China. All rare earth elements. The only tellurium mine is in China. China controls over 95% of the rare-earth global market.

So, let’s spend all this money only to find we are now dependent, not on a region, the Middle East, but a single country. Once dependent, do your think China would behave better or worse than OPEC?

The Wall Street Journal ran an article this week that suggests China is gouging the world on these materials. Gee, what a surprise that would be. Us, walking into something worse than OPEC and spending billions to get into that position.

How brainless is our leadership?

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