Clear Choices

March/08/2011 16:56PM
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During the Bush era it was hard to tell a Republican from a Democrat. The choices were pretty blurred. Today that’s not the case.

If you are a Democrat today, you are clearly on one side of several issues. You endorse spending and taxing to cover the spending. You favor the Federal Government as the solution to most of our problems. You take a pass on the rebels in Libya and will not intercede in any way to help them, even ignoring the no fly zone. You are voting present with your president on the issue there. You put the environmental issues in America above all else including high utiltiy prices and $5.00 gasoline. If they destroy the economy, just have your government create some more green energy jobs. You favor unions regardless of the cost. If public union costs are too high, raise taxes. Deficits will get worked out over time. You blame Wall Street for the housing bubble, not Freddie and Fannie and Barney and Chris Dodd. You believe we can fix education with money, not better teachers. You support Obamacare just as it is, or even going further with single pay. You want full amnesty for illegals to try to get 12,000,000 more votes.

One good thing Obama has done is to endorse all of the above so strongly that he has set down benchmarks that show the agenda.

If you are a Republican, you want government spending cut at all levels of government. You want smaller government at all levels. You see the need to take advantage of homegrown energy to keep energy costs down to help economic recovery. That includes drilling everywhere, supporting natural gas shale, more nuclear, more clean coal, and letting green energy stand on it’s own in a free competitive marketplace. You want Obamacare repealed. You care about the deficit. You want to cut spending and cut taxes. To do that you need to get the pubic employee union issue resolved and put their pay and benefits at the appropriate levels. You would be flying over Libya right now to show support for the rebels. You want to secure the borders and have a plan to send back some illegals and give others steps to citizenship that will insure they can contribute to our society not add to our deficit.

It’s nice to check the boxes and see where you are. At least you can vote with a checklist in hand.

I thought Hillary Clinton was planning to run against Obama in the next primary election. But that picture of her standing next to Qaddafi’s son almost holding hands will haunt her forever and keep that from ever happening. Even her great chameleon qualities will not fix that. It’s just another example of how we can more clearly define party positions and vote with a pen and not need an eraser.

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