Charlie Sheen as a Commencement Speaker

March/09/2011 16:15PM
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The local Phoenix NBC affiliate news station made this statement in both the early and late news. “Charlie Sheen has received several offers to be a university commencement speaker”. Nice journalism NBC. From everything I have found, there is a Face book and Twitter effort by students to get their college or university to invite Charlie as a commencement speaker. Far cry from receiving several invitations to be a commencement speaker. This same station ran another daily story about a man who was losing his home to the bank. He stopped paying his mortgage and owed the bank $40,000. The TV news story just spun it like the bank should forget the $40,000 since the man began to pay the payment just before it went into final foreclosure. Do banks have shareholders and depositors? Are they supposed to run the risk of losing everything because someone who has a mortgage decides they can’t or won’t pay? Why does a news station beat the drum for potential foreclosure victims? Why have they never presented the bank’s side? It’s all tied together. It’s crappy journalism that comes very close to supermarket checkout crap. Facts don’t count.

But, back to Charlie. George Washington University students are one of the groups petitioning for Charlie Sheen as the 2112 Commencement Speaker. Hell, no one will remember Charlie in May of 2012, if he’s still alive. But, here are the reasons for wanting Charlie.

Charlie Sheen: Commencement speaker?

Saturday – 3/5/2011, 7:28am  ET


FILE – In this July 20, 2005 file photo, actor Charlie Sheen, right, co-star of "Two and a Half Men," and Chuck Lorre, executive producer of the show, are shown during the CBS portion of the Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, Calif. (AP Photo/Nick Ut, file)

WASHINGTON – Charlie Sheen’s antics may have gotten him trouble from CBS, but some local college students would love to have him as their graduation speaker.A group of George Washington University students have embarked on a multi-pronged online campaign.

It’s not exactly serious, but the Facebook page “Charlie Sheen for Commencement Speaker GWU 2012” had gathered more than 900 likes by early Thursday afternoon.

The students have also set up a website, Winning GW and a Twitter account, “SheenGWU2012”

Sheen has become an overnight Twitter sensation since joining Tuesday.

Now, why do these students want Sheen to be their commencement speaker? They’ve issued the following statement explaining why:

Over the past few days, as membership of the Charlie Sheen for Commencement Speaker GWU 2012 group has steadily climbed, many have wondered who the creators of this mass movement are. We are proud citizens of the US of A, pursuing our right to assemble, to protest, and to win. Our reasons for lobbying Chuck to be our commencement speaker are two-and-a-half-fold:1. He is an unemployed winner. And unless the job market miraculously picks up, we too will be unemployed winners.2. He gives sage advice: “Look at [my] experiences. Look at what [I] survived. There are some of your lessons, but the real lessons are going to be in the future.”2.5 #tigerbloodTo clarify, we are not suggesting that Michelle Obama or Michael Bloomberg, whom we have the utmost respect for, are inadequate speakers. However, after four (or more) years of learning at GWU, it is unreasonable to presume that a speech will change our post-graduation plans. Why must we suffer through the formulaic commencement speech? Why not hear from a man who has known both the sweet tastes of success and sour bite of failure. His methods of delivery may be somewhat unconventional, but it’s precisely that which will grab the attentions of our attention deficient generation. The world is not the same as it was in 1824, at GWU’s first commencement ceremony where President Monroe, John C. Calhoun, and Henry Clay were in attendance. Then, students read newspapers, now we read newsfeeds – admittedly, a sad yet undeniable truth.Finally, we would like to point out the significance of this movement for all GWU students and alumni. ?This social media rally is truly a testament to the GWU school spirit, to the buff and blue blood that courses through our veins. We are a campus united by beliefs, values, and goals and together we stand behind a common cause: Charlie Sheen for Commencement Speaker GWU 2012.

WTOP’s Max Smith and Nathan Hager contributed to this report. Follow WTOP on Twitter.(Copyright 2011 by WTOP. All Rights Reserved.)

Students will be students and Charlie may make sense to some students. Like the co-ed from Duke who posted F*** Stories telling about her sex life her senior year naming names and rating partners. Or, the ones like Charlie who will leave campus with drug and alcohol addictions that will challenge them for years. Or, the one’s who want to hip. 

The problems will come if any college or university actually does what the Phoenix NBC affiliate says some have done and extent that invitation. 

With their far left liberal bent and their ever increasing tuition costs in the face of recession this group is becoming like the environmentalist who gave us $5 gasoline and the public labor unions who gave us budgets we can’t pay. Very unpopular. Hopefully, they will realize that. I do empathize with George Washington University. Having to pick between their last two speakers( Michelle Obama and Bloomberg) and Sheen would be a tough call. How about Chris Christie? No, it’s a rule all commencement speakers have to be like Sheen. Extremely liberal and a little nuts.

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