Bubble Boy

March/21/2011 16:57PM
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I remember the TV show about the boy who had to live in a bubble. He had no immunity system and would die if exposed to any health threat. I remember thinking, I would rather die.

We, as a country have become bubble boy. Look at the media reaction to the Japanese nuclear problem. We must stop building nuclear plants. We need to close the ones we have.

Accidents will happen. I almost died in a plane crash. Many people in my plane did die. I flew home that night.

I rode a bike without a helmet and survived. I played baseball without a helmet. I played football with one face bar in front. I drove cars without seat belts or air bags.

BP had a disaster in the Gulf. Response, stop all drilling.

Someone can’t tell a brake from an accelerator on a Lexus. Response, attack Lexus and Toyota.

Any incident must be investigated by some political group. New regulations must be put in place. We must be protected.. Smoking, obesity, bullying in schools, you name it.

Every one of these irrational attacks has an impact on something.

We have no oil. We had no nuclear for thirty years. We have much less manufacturing since being too cautious has run it offshore. And, the jobs with it. We have built no new refineries, scary things, refineries.

If you want a lifestyle that comes close to anything we have experienced in the past century, you can’t live in the bubble. You have to be willing to take some risks. There may be a problem at a nuclear plant. There may be another oil spill. There may be some manageable amount of emissions from clean coal. A polar bear may have to move.

Take your choice. The kid in the bubble didn’t have one. His parents decided he needed to survive in that bubble. You have a choice. Your government is putting you in the bubble, but you can survive nicely outside that bubble. But, you have to accept some risk. If an accident happens at a nuclear plant, have a good response plan and mitigate the damage. If there is an offshore spill, clean it up. Try to get the best possible mix of energies to get the least amount of emissions. But, accept there will be emissions It’s called progress. It’s called jobs. It’s called the future for your kids and grand kids. It’s living outside the bubble.

Three states are beginning to turn the economic corner in this country. North Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. What do they have in common? Oil and gas drilling. It’s creating jobs, real jobs, not Obama’s green jobs, and revenue for the states, and all that comes with economic turnaround. Amazing isn’t it. The biggest enemy of the Obama administration, the EPA, Gore, and Democrats in general ,drilling for oil is an economic boon.

Like being a bubble boy, stay in your bubble. Had enough? Tell your captors you’ve had enough of their bubble. Make your own choices on reasonable risk. It’s no life and no future living in that bubble.

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