Another Slant on Wisconsin

March/04/2011 16:44PM
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The big issue in Wisconsin is collective bargaining. In the private sector unions are limited to what they try to get for workers by the capacity of the company to earn a profit and pay the freight. Obviously, in the auto industry the unions pushed too hard. In the public sector there is no limit. It’s whatever the politicians are willing to give. The union then recycles a large percentage of those dues into political campaigns to elect or reelect politicians who support paying more in wages and benefits.

Excessive wages and benefits to public union employees must be paid by taxes. Taxes paid by other working families, union or non-union. So, the government in these cities and states are not taking from the rich to give to the poor, but they are taking from one group of working families to give to another group of working families. In Wisconsin, they are taking more to support higher wages and benefits for pubic union employees than those being paid to the private workers who pay the taxes.

Collective bargaining by public unions is not a right. It is a decision made by the state or city. The Federal employees don’t have that right. They are protected by civil service laws. Basically they have a job for life.In most states, including Wisconsin, state employees have similar civil service protection. The Feds, under Jimmy Carter elected to not allow collective bargaining because they felt they needed to control the budget.

The media is working hard not to present facts to the public about the Wisconsin issue. They prefer to show the protesters and emphasize the right to collective bargain. One poll by the New York Times that showed the majority of those polled supported the unions in Wisconsin polled 20% union households. Union membership in the US is 3%.

If the governor of Wisconsin folds on this he is done. He has made exceptions that erode his position. Excluding police and firemen is a big problem.

It is important to watch what happens in Wisconsin.

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