That Was Then, This is Now

February/07/2011 16:08PM
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Years ago Jimmy Stewart, an actor and a war hero, was on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He read a poem he wrote about the dog named Beau. He broke Carson up and brought tears to his eyes. I remember it very well. I had a dog named Bo, pronounced like Beau, and it brought a tear to my eye as well.

It seemed like the kind of things we saw on the Tonight Show. You can see the video from the show by going to following link:

Last week Jay Leno had Adam Sandler and Larry the Cable Guy on his show. 

Adam Sandler, who seems to frozen in time as a 14 year old, told a stupid story about him lying to a neighbor as a kid and the story culminated with Sandler’s mother shooting the kid with a shotgun to cover up the lie. A bad story, not funny, and certainly not worthy of the Tonight Show.  Sandler was followed by Larry, the cable guy, whose humor I admit to liking. A lot of Larry’s stories revolved around his flatulence issues. I guess what we want for entertainment these days is gratuitous violence and farting humor. Has it really come to that?

When is the last time you ever saw a Jimmy Steward moment on TV?

Before you blame a political party for the whack job in Tucson, think about what you accept for entertainment today and what you subject kids to today. 

God Bless you Jimmy Stewart, we miss you. God Bless you Johnny Carson, we miss you.

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