Mitch Daniels-If you can do it, it ain’t Bragging

February/21/2011 15:03PM
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Mitch Daniels, governor of Indiana has the skins tacked to his wall. He is doing what every politician, including Chris Christie is trying to do, balance a budget.

In an address to the 38th Conservative Political Action Conference, interrupted by frequent applause, he called our situation “a survival-level threat or a new “red Menace.” One of red ink.

He said focusing on earmarks is “but a trifle.” He called for “bariatric surgery”on a “morbidly obese” government. He wants to restore to the presidency the power to impound appropriated funds. He says we would be surprised how much government we would never miss.

Here’s one I really like. He said “Barack Obama’s executive order to prune the forest was akin to the world’s leading rap-music producer suddenly expressing alarm about obscenity. ”

Is he blowing smoke like Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney(RomneyCare), Donald Trump, Ron Paul, or any of the other would-be candidates for president in 2012? Not really, Daniels has results to justify his statements.

Indiana has its fewest state employees since 1978, that’s right, 1978. He has the lowest level of government employment per captain the nation. The lowest effective property taxes. And, the third lowest per capita spending. He has balanced a budget. He is low-key and does not brag about the accomplishments, even though he has every right to do so. He served under Ronald Reagan and may be the closest thing to Reagan we have today.

He rides a motorcycle, wears jeans, and believes in getting consensus not making enemies.

Maybe Mitch Daniels is the answer to our future. At least he has a track record of doing what he says he will do. And, he does it the right way.

If results are important to you, and they are to me, he represents results. Not, potential or style, like Obama, but clear-cut results. Not far out ideas, like Ron Paul, but reasonable proposals. Not one who creates strong emotions of dislike, like Palin, but one who really tries to unify, like Reagan.

Do a little homework on Daniels. He’s the real deal.

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