Hey, Big Spender

February/18/2011 16:59PM
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President Obama voted present twice this week. Always the reluctant one to be pinned down for any decision, he jumped on the Freddie and Fannie problem and offered three potential solutions. No endorsement for any of the three. It’s like a new leadership paradigm. I will offer the country multiple choice options for problems. You decide which one works. If your choice doesn’t work, don’t blame me, I didn’t pick it.

Obviously, from the three choices, the Dodd-Frank Bill that will cost the financial community billions to assure us we never have another housing-type meltdown, won’t keep us from having a Freddie and Fannie initiated housing melt down. Of course, since Barney and Chris had most to do with the housing meltdown, they would be the clowns I would pick to see that we never have another.

Then comes the President’s budget. Voted present again. Completely ignored the signal sent in the November elections, used smoke and mirrors, and cut nothing, promising to take us right to bankruptcy if the Republicans don’t step in and do something. Pure politics with absolutely no regard for the good of the nation. Zero leadership.

Here’s how it works with this president. Do nothing, force the other party to do what you didn’t do, then use that for fodder for the next election. I’ve know a few leaders like this. Very little good comes under their leadership.

Our president wants to be reelected. If he doesn’t make big changes, he won’t be reelected. He is not going to stop spending, so cross that out. He is not going to take the reins and lead, so cross that out.

Here’s the campaign for 2012. Run against the things the Republicans did because I failed to do them. Simple as that. Politics at it’s worst, and it bodes very poorly for our future.

How duplicitous is the Obama budget. He took over a trillion in budget cuts for getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan earlier than the budget dates. This has been the administration strategy for over a year. Still, the budget didn’t’ reflect the strategy.The budget assumes we are in both countries for the full 10 years. By having the budget reflect the strategy, Obama takes credit for over a trillion in savings.

If anyone tried a stunt like this in the real world they would fired on the spot. Maybe we can fire the man who refuses to stop spending us into financial ruin, but we can’t do it until 2012.

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